Driving Precision Prevention Technology

Bringing state of the art technologies to  everyday PPE products for best in  class protection, whilst distributing sustainable and ethical PPE that promotes global health.

1 World Progress

Our focus on best in class protection is driven our PPE product innovation with a scientific and clinical validation approach. We bring state of the art technologies as part of a unique group of collaborators working with materials scientists, manufacturers and technology leads to develop new PPE materials, pathways and solutions. This importantly includes an ethical, sustainable and reduced waste focus.

- Ethical, sustainable and reusable

- Advances in product function and comfort

- Safe and effective utilisation

Digital innovation & data science

Our digital tool innovation supports education and sharing best practice to increase safer, effective, efficient and sustainable use of products.

By leveraging data science we can ensure safe and optimal utilisation, reduction of waste, increased sustainability in order to improve solutions required to prevent avoidable harm, where and when it's needed the most for all global stakeholders.

We will help contribute towards the depth and breadth of innovative sustainable impact for conventional and pandemic scenarios.

"We are evolving and moving and challenging the frontiers"
Thandie Newton

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