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Protecting the World's workers

An accomplished team of passionate medics, entrepreneurs, supply chain specialists and technology experts, sourcing high quality certified PPE and delivering PPE rapidly to where it's needed. Our reputable world scalable PPE supply network with direct to manufacturing links, meets today’s threats and tomorrow’s global pandemics. Our diagnostics includes coronavirus testing tailored to you, your family and your business.

Our journey started and will continue with commitment to protect healthcare colleagues, key workers and essential workers. It’s in our DNA to serve and help contribute where we can when inequalities prevail nationally and globally.

In unity lies strength, together we are stronger.

Our donations to date:

  • 750K units of PPE to hospitals

  • 1 tonne of Burberry isolation gowns

  • Over 5000 sets of Asos surgical scrubs

  • 1 million masks to social care community services

Driven to support how to best use PPE, including alternative working practices to make PPE use as lean as possible. Core clinical values are underpinned by trust and facilitate safety, education, excellence, and innovation, importantly with an ethical, reusable and sustainable focus. We will continue to evolve given the changes we all face globally and the need for ethical, sustainable, collaborative, innovative and robust solutions.

"Embracing the gift within adversity accelerates change"

Written by 1 World Medical on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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