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Ambassador Thandie Newton

1 World Medical is delighted to have the support and guidance of British actress and philanthropist, Thandie Newton OBE, who met Mr Purkayastha when he operated on one of her children and has remained a good friend. Thandie first met Sanjay when he operated on her child and is pleased to be back in contact to help One World Medical on its mission.  

“Like many people, when the pandemic struck, I felt frustrated at not being able to help with the challenges faced by NHS workers; because of isolation, but also understandable ignorance about how I could help.

I feel a strong connection to those that work in the NHS. My mum spent her entire career in the NHS – as both a nurse and a midwife – which added a poignancy when I discovered how worrying the PPE situation was for Sanjay and his colleagues. 

I’ve since been honoured to be in a position to help put Sanjay and Anu in touch with kind, influential people, who have helped us a lot. It has been fantastic to see heartfelt support and guidance across multiple sectors. A fascinating example is how fashion labels have re-deployed their operations – a big thank you to Burberry and ASOS.” Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton OBE tweet

Written by 1 World Medical on Saturday, October 24, 2020

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